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"An angry man chased a woman through the woods and decided she was going to submit to his every lustful demand! After she fought with him, he had enough of her not letting him take full advantage of her sensual body. He took some rope and wrapped it tightly around her wrists and ankles to bind her from moving. She was going to obey him now, he thought! He took out his sword and laid her down on her back. He took the handle of his mighty sword and slowly eased it into her pussy. He fucked her cunt with it, each time, moving it even more deeply than the time before. He could tell that she had a virgin ass by the way she pleaded with him to not stick his massive cock inside it! This made him want to fuck her in the ass even more! He cut the rope that had bound her, flipped her over, and proceeded to shove his erection deep into her ass and fucked it with all his might!"

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